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   Seamless Gutters are a hidden asset to your home in many ways . I often hear " I don't need any here for ...." . If your house has footings and less than 18"of overhang, for proper protection of your foundation you should have gutters. I generally get the same questions and would like to share them here in hopes that maybe I can answer some of yours. 

 1)  Why do I need Gutters ?  

           In many ways gutters benefit your home, especially if you have a metal roof, being water drains off those roofs year round. I have always said that a pest control person is my best unpaid salesmen. I have seen numerous occasions where they will not renew contracts until water is channeled away from the footings or from underneath the home. Not only does it keep pest away like roaches and termites, but it also helps channel the water to higher ends of the home and keeps ponding down. 

         Gutters also help protect your fascia boards from the elements, especially the wooden and Hardiplank fascia boards. The aluminum metal gives it an additional layer. As long as you maintain the cleanliness of the gutters you will never have issues. 

         Gutters also help protect siding, doors, and windows by preventing splash back from the rain coming off the roof.    

2)What is the difference between a 5" and the "6 gutter ?

         As you can see from the picture in the backdrop that there is actually more than 1" difference . The way a gutter measures is (5" gutter) the top is 5"- the height is "4- the bottom tray is 3"  and a (6" gutter) the top is 6" - the height is 5" and the bottom tray is 4".  That means there is actually 3" in  size difference. WOW, think about the water volume difference.

3) Do you have a way to help keep my gutters cleaned ?  

         I sure do!  It is the SHUR-FLO gutter guard system that comes with a 20-year NO CLOG warranty. It is a perforated sheet of aluminum that allows the water to penetrate while keeping the debris out to be blown off with the wind. If you have an overwhelming amount of tree coverage it may require some blowing off the top of the guard but, if not, the guard will at least be keeping your gutter functional. 

4) Why choose your company over your competitors?    

        Exterior Gutters Inc is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company with an outstanding reputation of being the best choice. We have wonderful reviews with Angie's list, Facebook , and the BBB . All of the employees are screened before employment (including a background check) to ensure the legitimacy of each one. The 2 top guys have worked with the owner since 2003. we also come with a 2 year labor warranty with full manufacturers warranty .  

5) Is there a limit on how small of gutter job you will do ?  

      Certainly not , We have had many of customers do small sections of the house until all was completed . 

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