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Have you ever had a bad experience hiring a contractor and wish someone would have put out a manual to make it a bit easier ? Well look no further, this section will teach you a few ways to weed out the bad contractors and make your next experience better with the ball in your court. Below are a few questions you can ask yourself / contractor to ensure a  good relationship.
  Ever since the Pandemic things have gotten crazier for getting materials and getting help. Being patient is going to be key with lining up the best contractors.  

1) As my contractor do you have any photos of work done like you will be doing here? 
  Most contractors will have some types of pictures to provide of their work, If not no real reason to fear but makes decision time a bit clearer 

Do you have references ? This could be huge for you in knowing more about your contractor. Most people will be honest with someone over  the phone and away from the contractor 

3) Are you fully Licensed and Bonded? One of the most important factors there is when choosing a reputable contractor because many bad things can fall on the Homowner. Receiving proper documentation is as easy as asking. Insurance companies send for free and you must be listed in order to claim.... So Ask 

Below is a list of things that can and have gone Wrong :

a)If an employee gets hurt and the employer only has a ghost policy then the Homeowners insurance is brought into the picture. 
  b) If a contractor decides he does not feel  like doing the job after payment then recovering payment is all civil in SC 
  c) If a contractor damages something at your house and does not want to pay for it once again it is all civil.   

4) Are your employees insured by your Workers compensation? Even though they have insurance does not mean their employees are covered on the plan. They have what is called a ghost policy and it covers no one , just a certificate. When they send over the insurance it should reflect number of employees covered

What are your payment arrangements ? Most contractors that have too buy materials will request atleast a 50% down payment which is standard (ensure they are bonded first) but Never ever pay a contractor in full until you are completely happy . if they request full payment .......Run!!!   

Do they clean jobsite daily ?  This could make a good job turn bad if you came home daily to a yard trashed or pet getting hurt by debris.   

Will you be coming everyday until completion of job?  I have seen and heard many times of contractors taking weeks to do a job that should have taken days.    

8) Will you provide (in detail) a written quote? 
  without things put clearly in writing alot of miscommunication can happen and  make it harder for a judge to decide if things get that bad . Alot easier to add things or take away things too. Always get it in writing   

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